Narmer palette, or astronomical map representing constellation Orion and its stellar surroundings



  1. According till now in historical literature published commentaries there is on Narmer palette, which was excavated on temple court in Hierakonpolis in 1895 allegorically depicted victory of Egyptian ruler Narmer over his enemies. It could be indeed so. Why but glory of sovereign could not be even more emphasized by displacement of such important event on sky too? After it ruler, his deeds and merits become more close to gods living on heavens. Egyptian religion, if we so call it, was close tied with celestial bodies and with events on sky, and it is why such connection shouldn't be unusual.


Historical and astronomical analyses

Similar acts of devotion of antic heroes (how they become gods, or renowned) and displacement of them on night sky are well known from Greek mythology. At careful look on area of star sky around constellation Orion (picture next to front side of palette) it is evident, that torso, up lifted hand holding mace and Narmer's head form constellation Orion. This interpretation was presented in [1] book " Ancient Egyptian Constellations" by it's author Audrey Fletcher yet. Line drawn above ruler's head is ecliptic (from point of view of observer from Earth it is approximately line on which are moving planets, Sun, Moon). Position of this line toward constellation Orion doesn't change. On picture beside palette's front side, there is for illustration also drawn projection of Ecliptic with positions of planets, Moon, Sun, how it was recorded at 12 a.m. 11. 05. 2002.


picture orioneee




Direction and distance of Ecliptic from torso of Orion corresponds to direction and distance of line going above Narmer's head and above falcon, relative to position of Narmer's torso. Falcon's head corresponds to position of bright star Aldebaran. Bulls heads on the top of palette symbolize placing of constellation Bull (Taurus), which is set above Orion. Stick held in falcon's claws copies positions of stars on bow, with which usually Orion is painted (look at next picture of sky chart of mentioned constellation).


picture Orion4


Kneeling defeated enemy represents constellation Eridanus. Line on which is Narmer standing is in distance corresponding to twice distance of Celestial Equator (goes through Orion's band) from Ecliptic. Relatively precise lines of figures and important points on middle part of front side of palette corresponds to to distribution of stars on presented map. If some star's positions precise don't copy scene from palette, it can be caused by relative motion of stars on sky during last minimal 5 thousands years, which elapsed since date of palette's production. Very distant and bright stars mostly seemingly shift less than stars closer to our solar system.

Rulers usually wanted, that also dates of their significant deeds would remain in memories of next generations. Because ruling dynasties change relatively often, way of eras counting too, records regarding lengths of ruling lose often, so why not to use again for dating more reliable celestial sky. Egyptians and Babylonians (Summers) knew about existence of so called precession motion of Zodiac constellations on sky. Earth's axis does rotating motion (spinning) so, that during nearly 2150 years shift of so called Zodiac constellations on perimeter of Ecliptic's projection makes about one twelfth of total Ecliptic's perimeter. For example at midnight on day of winter solstice (after 2150 years) will not be the highest placed constellation Gemini, but Taurus, which follows after Gemini.



picture zodiacsigns




Period of Earth's axis precession motion is based on measurements and on some thousands years long observations cited as value around 25800 years. In average 2150 years falls so then on every from twelve constellations. How should be so dated Narmer palette? On bottom part of its front side is symbolic depicted constellation Gemini, while on bottom of palette's rear side is sign of Taurus. Constellations are in right order, how it is on sky and on Zodiac in accordance with precession motion. Bull breaks through gate and smashes sign of Zodiac, initially with twelve constellations (symbolic something like to teeth on gear-wheel).



picture narmerp1




It could be presentation of Taurus succession. Three nicked teeth would mean three eras, hence elapsed Zodiacal constellations (6450 years) since imaginary beginning of counting. There stayed eight intact teeth, signs for to close complete cycle. All together with bull (Taurus) there are depicted twelve signs on this part of palette. Arrival of Taurus, while now we are before arrival of Aquarius (left about 150 years?), was about 6300 years ago. Beginning of this precession cycle so should come to years 12750 ago. It is in coincidence with records but also according researches based on probes [4] from Greenland and from Antarctic ice shields, dated to end of Atlantis and on time of last real Ice age (11500 till 13000) before present. Acknowledgement of correctness of reflections tied with signs, zodiac and precession are also depictions of signs of zodiac on other palette (Tehenu palette from Abydos) dated to nearly the same time as Narmer palette, to time of rule of Aha, who follows Narmer in lists of rulers.



picture ahasignsbbb





Signs of zodiacal constellations Lion and Scorpio measure with measuring devices on small zodiacs own appropriate times of rules (each one twelfth).


Old king's cemetery in Abydos was again crosscut by German archaeologists on beginning of the twentieth century , and there were found also these two tablets, while second is actually mace head.



picture narmerbit



picture narmerwedd




picture narmer9hres




Interesting details are on rear side of Narmer palette too. Here, before ruler's statue, four standards bearers walk toward tent beheaded bodies. Above these bodies is Sun barge. Before crown of sovereign, there is sign of rising sun, or star, similar to that sign from front palette's side, where this sign is placed above Ecliptic line. Between ruler and his sandal bearer there is again sign of star (flower is less probable variant). Before drover there is sign of over turning and sign of half Sun, usually interpreted as half-year long time interval. There is a bit too much astronomy around ruler, or not?


Similar depiction of Narmer, on which are nearly in the same manner equipped four standard bearers (in the top row) was found on another plate dated also to Narmer's time. Before bearers, there is circle inside of which bull is, what can be again sign of constellation Taurus. In middle row is not, how it was described till now bride for Narmer, but it is sign of rising or setting Sun, or of other celestial body. Why are not details on bride's face, when there are on faces of servant, bearers? Behind rising Sun are too many signs of moon (6). Why six? Together it is half-year time. Also sunrise is in sign of half circle. Sign of overturn, half circle is also on Narmer's palette. In bottom row is bull attempting to overturn persons above. Again there is displayed succession of Taurus.

On second table is scene looking like mankind destruction. It is done by something resembling on Sun, planet or star, where secret flying celestial body is drawn beating with stick yet condemned people. This body is the same sign, how it is on Narmer palette. Lines of bird flying behind this secret sign are identical with lines of bird on previously described plate, what speaks for the same original, authorship of both plates. Sign of flying secret body was interpreted how catfish, and pronounced Nar, as first part of Narmer.



picture aha3




picture aha4





Two tables (repository in Abydos, dated to era of rule of sovereign Ahu) show altogether identical country, ships, houses, sphinx, flying formations, birds, zodiacs. Significant is one difference. On bottom plate there is middle layer completely floated or floured. It is maybe appeal for archaeologists, mankind to uncover something floated, floured before ages?



Narmer palette is astronomical chart depicting constellation Orion too.

This palette commemorates arrival of sign Taurus.

Arrival of Taurus was tied with astronomical event, which cost lives of many people.

Arrival of bright celestial body was tied also with big natural disasters, flood...

Dating of Taurus beginning is around 6300 years before present.

Beginning of last (our) whole precession cycle falls on circa 12750 years before present, on time now very good attested as last Ace age. Dating is valid if precession motion of Earth's axis was steady and without shifts.



picture nibirubigb


On this multi picture, there are some of ornaments, which are also placed on 15 years old carpet from my living room. Compare them with Senmut astronomical map, with scene on Chinese pottery! Path of Nibiru from Senmut map has got the same shape as ornaments in right and in left top corners of multi picture. Look at ornament in right bottom corner, which completely resemble on satellite used on Earth's geostationary orbit for signal retransmission, telecommunication purposes! Techen towers were probably used on exploitation of static electricity, or for invocation of rainfalls and are on carpet patterns in right side of picture. Depiction of stars on next ornament is alike to image of planet Nibiru (it could be also dwarf star, or neutron star) from Sumerian tablets, sealing rollers. About Oriental carpets it is known, that their weavers were forced from tradition not to change patterns, ornaments, used colours. We can see so now maybe many thousands years old motives. It is, how here is visible possible, that here are depicted Atlantean or very old Egyptian, Sumerian scenes, technologies, important discovery.



Techen towers and pyramid power plants


Maybe it is unusual and surprising, but in ornaments on old carpets there are woven-in also schemes, and principle plans of advanced technologies, which come from vanished, thousands years old civilizations. These residues are probably the last ones, which can help revive forgotten, very sophisticated technologies and methods for exploitation of natural energy sources as are clouds and their water position and electrostatic energy. If after this manner Atlanteans or other advanced society had produced electric energy, evoked rainfall in otherwise extreme dry regions, so it can be helpful for us to do it in similar way, and we can spare lot of energy inserted to research and development.

It is important to explain in detail what is on ornaments. On upper parts of three small pictures, there are beige coloured clouds, from which it starts to rain. Such clouds are usually in heights not more than two kilometres. Below clouds are very tall (till 1,5km) so-called Techen towers. These had shape like masts with taves. On ends of taves (cross-beams) there are small flames, glowing discharges. Sometime we can see during bad weather such glows on high masts. On both sides of Techens there are constructions, another towers, which had inside turbines, how it is more clearly visible on third small picture in right upper corner. There were more turbines equally distributed along heights of these towers and so kinetic energy of falling water could been more effectively utilized. Among towers are pyramids. If we compare (on pictures) heights of these pyramids with distances between clouds and earth's surface, so from these relations it is about 150 meters for pyramid's heights, what is in coincidence with dimensions of big pyramids in Giza. Also on lower parts of these three pictures, there are ornaments resembling to plans, placing of pyramids in Giza, or also to Orion's belt visage. In middle parts of small pictures there are cupola shaped, or parabolic devices, which were used for concentration of solar energy to places in temple complexes next to pyramids, where this energy was used for excitation of water flowing through these so called temples to pyramids. Principle of this amplifier was similar to optical fibre amplifier EDFA, where light from external source pumped into fibre can amplify optical signal (with other frequency) going through this fibre. Look at open part of Mortuary temple at Chaphre pyramid (picture nibirutechen2, chafretem111). On these pictures, there is also interwoven sort of charge exchange between clouds and surface. There are red marks (positive charges) going from clouds and electronegative charged earth. Arc holes, shafts next to pyramids and temple complexes were used for placing and fixation of colossal constructions, how it is represented on pictures. See also foundations of Techen towers. What I can tell more. You can think about, or stay orthodox follower of tomb version for pyramids.



picture nibirutechen2


Los Alamos' Milagro cosmic rays pool detector scanned sky nearly ten years. It found two hot spots above constellation Orion. Sources of cosmic rays (protons, Helium nukleis,...) according official science can't be more distant then 3000LY from us. It is very unprobable, that there are only two independent sources of cosmic rays on the whole sky, what could be black holes, neutron stars, or some other similar object, what are accelerating cosmic rays directly toward us. Milky way galaxy core is in other direction, the most active planetary nebulas in Band of Orion are also quite enough in other direction.

Hot spots close Castor and Polux so also represent object what is moving toward us circa in plane of Ecliptic, with shifts of smaller parts of spots what represents opposite yearly motion of our Earth on its orbit.

Results of Milagro survey so are two hot spots next to Orion what are actually projections of coming Nibiru... during Spring and Autumn equinoxes. Their seemingly distance (of two spots at Aldebaran and at Castor, Polux) among stars on night sky so represent also distance of Nibiru from us circa 1,5 billions km, Saturn from us, it means arrival of Nibiru to perihelia in 3 years, in 2012! Why are there two spots and not one bigger? It is so because when Nibiru is going toward us and Earth is circa close to Spring or to Autumn equinoxes, so motion of Nibiru is circa parallel with motion of Earth and so Nibiru is longer time seemingly on one place on sky. When Earth is close to Summer or Winter solstices so paths of Earth and of Nibiru are circa perpendicular and so Nibiru seemingly moves much quickly on sky than during equinoxes and so there are only those two spots,..

Proofs for existence of Nibiru and for Nibiru's arrival to perihelion in 2012

a. Historical proofs, b. Geological proofs, c. Astronomical proofs

Historical proofs

1.Description of Noe's flood-40days heavy rain, 150days-water was high above the highest mountains, 150days -water was receding, waters were rising and receding. -represents tidal effects of heavy body 5-20 Jupiter masses, with perihelia 100-400mil. km from us,...Nibiru was circa 1 year close to perihelia, minim. Distance of nibiru from Earth.

Rests of Noe's ark and stone anchor were discovered on Ararat slopes in height circa 1800m.

How was that possible? Nibiru sucked waters from one hemisphere to second one, so particular time on north hemisphere, there was circa doubled total water amount, so such way even Caucasus,..was under water longer time,...

2.Asirian texts with Utnapisthim's story are very similar to Noe's one.

3.Chinese texts from stone on top of one mountain. There is description of flood in China,...till level of everlasting snow, till circa 2000m. Description of how to desalinate land after flood!

4.Maya's codexes, Lhasa's codex,Hopi,...legends

5.Mentho's, Plato's story about flood, about catastrophical end of Atlantis 9500 B.C.what is in accordance with GISP2, VOSTOK ice core probes research.

Senmut map-arrival of Planet X-star map from Senmut's tomb, cca 1350 B. C., Narmer palette -depicted arrival of Nibiru approx.4300 B.C., other predynastic, 0.,1th dyn. paletten,.,Dendera zodiac, markiza Tai funeral banner 168 B.C.,texts from pyramids(Unas-Venis/5th dynasty),

Ancient oriental carpets,...many details about Nibiru's orbit abut our Solar system, about advanced technologies of previous times. Carpet motives very precisely proportionally put into, resemble with architecture of outdoor, of indoor of gothic cathedrals, orthodox churches, moslem's mosques from that time.

Painting from stone near Fergana-Usbekistan, legends from that area,...time line similar to end of Atlantis.

Geological proofs

Results of GISP2 and VOSTOK projects, from ice probes from ice core, glacials from Greenland and from Antarctic. Dramatic 20deg. Celsia temperature changes 11500 and 13000 years Before Present. Mammoths, hairy rhinoceros,..and many other animals' extinction, mammoths frozen on to -70 degrees with subtropical food in their stomachs, broken bones by wooden logs, big ice blocks. Temperature,...peaks with periodicity 1200-2000years, 100000year, 400000year long periods.

Periodicity of big earthquake waves approx. 1300-1700 years in Mediterranian area-coincidence with Nibiru period from Senmut map -second panel.

Significant changes in glaciation, ocean water level, till 100m, after beginning of global warming 9500 B.C.

Astronomical proofs

End of ? of Precession cycle 25000-26000 years long. There was first catastrophic end of Atlantis, dramatic temperature change 13000 years ago.

2012-transit of Venus, Jupiter's aphelia, maximum of Solar cycle.

All planetoids behind Pluto, Pluto, Neptune are close to perihelia or aphelia on their orbits. Why?

Opposite motion of Sun with inner planets toward arriving Nibiru causes projection, appearant changes, such shapes of that outdoor planets,' planetoids' orbits.

North magnetic pole accelerated motion in last decades,..toward North, toward plane in direction of Orion, of coming Nibiru.. Magnetic field is weaker so that in this change velocity it would disappear after 1500years. Last such full change was 730000 years ago and this change had to be earlier than this time. There were 30 magnet. Poles switches per last 22 millions years.

Magnetic pole change about 30 degrees on Saturn in last years.

Global warming, extreme temperature changes on Earth, but also ice cap melting on Mars in last years, signif. temperature changes on other planets, their moons-Neptune's Triton, doubled tickness of its atmosphere, rising temperature,...

Water level rise, but only on north hemisphere,...rising number of extreme floods, strong winds, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, temperature records,..due to rising level of tidal forces from coming Nibiru,...especially in time about 21 jun, 23december when earth axis is in plane pointing toward Orion, coming Nibiru, when Moon, Sun, some other planets are too circa in that direction.

Results from Milagro Los Alamos observatory 10 years long cosmic rays survey. Results are two hot spots next to Orion what are projections of coming Nibiru during spring and autumn equinoxes, represent also distance of Nibiru from us circa 1,5 billions km, Saturn from us, it means arrival of Nibiru to perihelia in 3 years, in 2012! More is on


Gothic and Astronomy

Compare shape of cathedrals (front parts, ground plans, gablets, spires, towers with their crosses on the tops...) from Reims, Chartres,...but also from Nerli, Vladimir, Sofijskij sobor-Kiew, Etschmiadyin-Armenia-4th century, church of st. Catherine, Banska Stiavnica-Slovakia... with path of planet X according my carpet, and with carpets from Hereke-Anatolia-Turkey...!



Picture with cross (Oort cloud) is on carpet placed above picture with three portals. Shape of this painting is identical with shapes of spires with crosses and globes under it used in East, West Europe, mainly since crusades (end of 11 century...), on the tops of churches...







Portal, where Planet X is sucking hot plasma from Sun corresponds (shapes, forms, proportions) to outdoor shape of Orthodox churches.



Planet X (Nibiru) when is too far is red (eternal light near altar), closer to Sun is bright like start (chandeliers in central part of main nave of cathedrals). X causes trembles on whole Earth during arrival to Sun (sounds and vibrations of bells on spirals of churches, cathedrals) and finally there is flood on Earth (fountains in front of churches). When we stand in front of open main middle gates of cathedrals so we can see mentioned things.





Portals, where are paths of X during whole precession cycle (approximately 26000 years) and rossete window from cathedral.

Ground plans of cathedrals are similar (proportional) to dimensions of planet X's orbit...

Placing of windows on main navies of cathedrals is proportional to model of Solar system with involved Planet X, Nemesis.

Wisdom of masons, architects, what is heritage after extinct civilization was very tied with astronomy what is essential for mankind surviving..., with cycles, orbits of planet X (Nibiru...), what regularly in thousand years cycles makes floods, destructions of Earth surface,...Masons (mainly Armenian origin)...were first who mastered art of gothic architecture in places around Antiochia, Edessa-Urfa,... (in area near Syria's, Turkey's, Irak's common borders) and they brought this art to Europe during arrivals of crusaders. They had wisdom from very past times, but they understood this knowledge only partly, but wanted to preserve it for next generations...


Planets' axis rotation origin

Our Sun can't be source for so quick axis rotations of planets (don't consider Venus, Mercury, Pluto), because Sun's own rotation is too slow. Ejected mass from Sun hadn't got enough spinning momentum. Sideric rotation time of Sun is 25,4 of day, while some planets rotate in 10, 16, 24 hours periods. Our planets are some billions years old and so their axis spinnings had to stop or significantly slow down their speeds long time ago.

What caused rotation of planets? It was probably Planet X, which brought planets to our solar system and could give them axis rotation due to own gravity or strong magnetic field.

Venus and Mercury are not rotating quickly, because they are too close to Sun and relatively too far from Planet X, when X is in perihelia.

When we consider, that Planet X's volume size is comparable with Jupiter, but mass is 25 bigger, so orbital times of X's satellites in the same distances how are Jupiter's moons are five times shorter. When such satellites were overtaken by Sun in X's perihelium, so they, those satellites should have axis rotations how our planets (Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune)!

Planet X caused probably also present level of axis rotation of our Sun. X is but circa 40 times lighter than Sun, so it caused approximately 40 times slower axis rotation than at planets, which are many times lighter than X.

Universal validity of Bode law

Empiric deduced formula for relation between relative distances of planets from Sun pays within the limits of tolerance also for more massive moons of Jupiter (Io, Europe, Ganymed, Callysto). It is enough to compare relative distances of these moons to Jupiter with distances of planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune) from Sun.

Even more visual it is at compare of orbital speeds mentioned planets with orbital speeds mentioned moons of Jupiter.

planet (moon) orb. sp. x 1,414 o. s.+ 5,4km/s o.s.+4,3km/s

JUPITER 18,5km/s 18,5km/s 17,4km/s

SATURN 13,7km/s 15,1km/s 14km/s

URANUS 9,7km/s 12,3km/s 11,2km/s

NEPTUNE 7,6km/s 10,8km/s 9,7km/s

Orbital speed around Jupiter

Io 17,4km/s

Europe 13,8km/s

Ganymed 10,9km/s

Callysto 8,2km/s

Chosen were planets and moons, which have relative ratios for masses (their order is) not too different. If around planet X there are orbiting planets (moons, satellites), so for them should pay Bode low too. Planet X is the most probably ridding of satellites in perihelia (periastron), when these satellites are expelled by maximal inertia (path of X is there maximally curved) and with maximal gravitational force from Sun (change of circular orbits of satellites of X on nearly parabolic orbits, Sun is taking over satellites from X, on quasi equipotential lines). Here is also analogy with Roche boundary.

After ejection satellites have speeds, which have these components:

a. nearly escape speed from solar system (also speed of X)

b.component equal to Bode speed around X for concrete satellite

If Jupiter catches satellites from X, so these must end at Jupiter with speeds, which are orbital speeds for moons orbiting around Jupiter.

Components of this speed are:

a. nearly escape speed for given planet in given distance from Sun (this speed is vertical on orbital speed of Jupiter around Sun). This speed is also equal to speed of X when X passes Jupiter.

b. component equal to Bode speed of satellite orbiting around X. With this speed (speed relative to speed of X) satellite is ejected from X.  This component of speed is mainly used for run down of planet (in our case Jupiter) on orbit around Sun.

At meeting for satellite (which left X) with Jupiter, satellite had got speed which components are:

a. nearly 18.5km/s

b. Bode speed of satellite around X

From these components is speed 13,1km/s deducted and used for run down of Jupiter on its orbit around Sun.

In result for speed of satellite than orbiting around collecting planet (in our case Jupiter) again Bode speed is involved plus 5,4 km/s, what is (18,5 km/s-13,1 km/s). This formula is not very precise, because when we repose speeds so there must be involved members, which depend of angles of speeds.

When we look at table of orbital speeds of above mentioned planets and moons so it is clear, why were orbital speeds of planets multiplied by 1,414, or why we had added value 5,4km/s to speeds of planets in our calculations.

Planets were (most of them, mainly gaseous planets) brought to our solar system by planet X too. They have got so Bode speed, which they had also when they were satellites of X.

Escapes of planets from orbits around X happen mainly in periastron of X at Sun (reasons were mentioned yet). After ejection of planet from X so planet had got speed equal to sum or difference between components, which are:

a. nearly escape speed (equal to speed of X)

b. Bodes speed of satellite around X

If escape of satellite happened in such configurations of bodies, that speeds add (bodies are nearly on one line going through Sun, X and considered satellite), than this satellite could escape from solar system in direction somewhere to Alpha Centauri.

If escape of satellite happened in configuration of positions (nearly line through Sun, satellite and X), so satellite (perspective planet) left orbit around X and ended on independent orbit around Sun with speed equal (minimal) to escape speed of X minus Bode speed (speed of planet around X).

When X is in periastron (distance circa 120 millions km from Sun), so thanks to approach of quite heavy X (25 x mass of Jupiter) incomes to changes also on surface of Sun (higher Sun activity, X can attract outflows of particles, of mass, can influence electromagnetic field of Sun).

Maximal Sun activity is coming up.

Changes in number and in positions of planets (their sizes too) in our solar system could be, based on here yet mentioned facts, much often and more radical, than how it was supposed till now.

Planet X is thus carrier for planets and for moons, which have probably origin in place of production of stars and of planets in nebula M42 in constellation Orion.  Egyptians called that place Duat or birth - place for gods (actually of stars and of planets).





Reason why have been such well known scientists and astronomers as John B. Murray, John Matese and researchers from University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Chad Trujillo, Jewitt, Brown and other till now not successful in search for Planet X and for another similar massive body in our Solar system probably are:

When some comets (like to Halley comet) have orbital period times in some hundred years, so their source can be very probably on orbit, which, if it is nearly circular has period circa maximum 3 times longer. Comets are from source place near to orbit of Planet X (when this is passing next to them) "accelerated" from circular onto extreme elliptic path.

If we have comets like to Hale Bopp, so orbital time of body, which caused change of motion could be probably on orbit with period around 3 times 4000 years. It is not probable, that Planet X and Nemesis have orbital times in millions years, but some thousands and some ten thousand years!

Periodical changes (every 26 till 30 millions years) on Earth could be caused by mutual orbiting of Sun with closest stars. You must only calculate (from Kepler laws) orbital times among Sun, Sirius system, Centauri. Results are mutual orbital times in tens and hundreds of million years! In this multiple star system there can be involved also till now not visible black hole, neutron star…

Try to search more in area twenty degrees above and under ecliptic.

Look for gravitational lensing, unusual optical, wave effects.

The most effective gravitational scopes for heavy bad visible heavenly objects are Earth's oceans. Changes of their levels can say how far and heavy is coming body.

Take in account historical sources. When X came, it's path was recorded even without help of telescopes.

Why weren't Hubble, Chandra and other satel. telescopes so successful in search for extra-solar planets, brown dwarfs, Planet X, distant asteroids, deep space dark objects?

Bacause telescopes were placed on Earth's orbit, which is in ecliptic plane, in Zodiac light (where density of particles, photons, pieces of matter is higher than in other directions far from ecliptic). Here in ecliptic we have "too much light" for observation of quite dark objects, nebulas....

If you place telescopes into orbit plane perpendicular to plane of ecliptic in distance more than 200 mil. km from Sun, so you can find much more of dark matter. Difference will be comparable with difference how it is between for example Hubble and some terrestrial telescope with the same optical dimensions, electronic equipment (for search for dark objects).

Such placing of telescopes had been done probably by astronomers of previous hi-tech civilization and it is depicted on first pictures of my web page.

Our planets are on that picture placed into yellow zodiacal light, observation was done according parameters of depiction from distance more than some billion km from Sun. There is also wavy red trace after Planet X and clear visible red M42 under Orion Belt. M42 is birth place of stars, planets and probably from that area came Planet X and also in that direction is oriented X's path.

Now I have also probably enough proves (from changes of motions of planets, Sun...during last 100years according computations done in particular times...) for Planet X existence and for computing of exact position of it...

Why should be Nemesis closer than it was till now supposed?

Relative speeds of closest stars to our Sun are from some km per second till more than two hundred km/s.

Thanks to such big values of speeds our adjacent stars can be within a few ten thousands or hundreds thousands years quite close to Sun, or be on other side of sky (toward us).

Stars make compound motions, where mutual rotary motions due to gravitational forces among stars are put together also with various linear speeds, which stars have in our galactic arm.

Maybe among closest stars there is or are also till now undiscovered black holes, neutron stars, which curve and accelerate motions. A lot of hidden mass is also in our stellar vicinity, because according computations of astronomers, galaxies must have minimum three times more dark matter, than there is that of visible one.

Existing big speeds of near stars are reasons, why probably can't exist body, which orbits Sun in distance around 1ly, which after it must have period time around 26 millions years.

When we have here quite close (less than 2ly) passing big stars in periodicity, or in intervals some ten or hundred thousands years, so big extinctions of animals and plants with 26 till 30 millions years periodicity are more probably due to inter motions of Sun and close heavy stars.

During for example 26 millions years, more then 100 big stars could pass close to Sun (around 1ly) , which could easy change path of very slow and distant motion, path of Nemesis.

Even not far before now, 500000 years long cycles were discovered and they are likely caused due to approaches of neighbouring stars.

Nemesis and planet X (our Sun's dark star companions) must have much shorter orbital periods (around 26000, 1500 years according my calculations placed on web pages:

We can compare our stellar surroundings to pavements with dense traffic, where pedestrians are walking in both directions.

We can't right stretch arms, because we bounce to next coming pedestrian and our palms, hands will be knocked off, held subjects will be smashed.

We can have hands only at body.

It is similar at Sun's satellites. If these ones are too far, so they could be quickly expelled by approaching stars.

When we make computer model with near-by stars (within 100ly), where are simulated their axial and radial motions, so we can quite precisely say, if there would be some massive dark stars , and if Sun orbits around some other close body, if our Sun moves in binary, triple, multiple system with appropriate wavy composite motion.

What is probably wrong with whole global warming theory?

Human activities are responsible, according serious experts only for about 20 percent share of warming and due to it for only appropriate part of ocean level rises. What is source of rest of warming on Earth, but also on Mars (southern ice cap melting)? Why are temperature changes, warming in whole our solar system? High probably here is responsible for it arrival of so-called Tenth planet (or another its name is planet X, Nibiru...) to central part of our solar system. Gravitational, gravitational tidal (maybe also magnetic) forces of Tenth planet, what is probably dwarf or neutron star can cause it (this warming).




Picture neutronportal






Last two years of of arrival of Nibiru to perihelia are depicted also on Chinesse portal gates, arches in temple complex. S-shaped dragons show timeline of arrival. One half S is 1 half year,..



There is (close to this temple in background) also fish gate, sign of flood where is, sign of arriving body,...

on the top of gate.




More details about arrival of X/Nibiru is also on carvings,...on stairs in front of temple,..

better photos on


Arrival, maximal approach and departure (depicted in three portals) of Nibiru from area close to Sun (Earth). Nibiru (probably neutron, dwarf star) is sucking (due to its strong gravitation force) water to gigantic waves, layers, slopes on adjacent hemisphere. Compare shape of neutron star, which is sucking matter from binary star companion (from photo neutronsuckingphoto) with picture neutronsucking, where Nibiru is in the same situation!!!



picture neutronsucking







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Simple reflection

If during global flood ocean water had been sucked from southern hemisphere on northern hemisphere so, that water level had risen on northern hemisphere minimum about 2 km (it is written in Bible [1], in Chinese [2] and in many other writings and legends). Planet X was in around 40 millions km (minimal distance) from Earth [4,5] and so after it:

Gravitational force from Planet X (Nibiru) affecting on Earth [3] is proportional to Mm/(LL) in distance L from Earth, when M and m are masses of Planet X and of Earth. If distance L between these bodies is 4 billions km, so after it gravitational force from Planet X is on Earth's surface nearly 10000 smaller than from 40 millions km. Water level change is so for this distance (4 billions km) from Earth maximum 20cm.

Gravitational tidal force from Planet X (Nibiru) is proportional [3] to Mm/(LLL) in distance L from Earth. This force for 4 billions km distance is 1000000 smaller, than from 40 millions km. Water level change is so for this distance between Planet X and Earth (4 billions km) maximum 2mm.

Real value of water level change (on Earth) caused by planet X is for this distance (4 billions km) something between previous two numbers. This is only simple reflection, because exact calculations should involve gravitational influences of other planets, influence of Sun. If planet X is dwarf or neutron star, so magnetic field in shorter distances from Earth could be significant too.


Extreme (with parabolic dependency) change of water level in last 20 till 40 years (it is together more than 20cm) can be caused high probably by arrival of Planet X to central part of our solar system (around 1500years periodicity).

Another appearances for planet X coming: global earthquakes recorded (4. 3. 2003), gravitational waves from not known source with wavelength 4,3AU, unusual floods in Europe, in Under Caucasus area, in China- with my detailed explanation on web pages [4, 5]. 

Next significant fact is, that water level rises [6, 7] mainly on northern hemisphere and also Planet X should come according my calculations and reflections placed on web pages from northern part of sky, from places located northern above ecliptic plane.

Now is planet X according these data (total increase of ocean water level during last 100 years was approximately 20cm) and according calculations from this article in distance less than 4 billion km from us, what is maximize about 10 years to closest approach of X to Earth!!!





Red sign above top of solar system is not only sign of Nibiru, but it is also real shape of nebula M42 in Orion, the most bright nebula on Northern sky. Path-orbit of Nibiru is here depicted like number 8 because it look so in direction of main axis of that orbit. Nebula M42 has dimensions 50 Ligt Years and is from us 1600LY. This is realistic picture with proper dimensions of Solar system and of orbit of Nibiru, when watcher is in distance from Sun circa 45billions km,...that distance is right Aphelion of Nibiru. So again coincidence of dimensions, of proportions is here?! This picture looks also like Yggdrasil-World tree of Nordic nations,...




Opposite motion of Sun toward Nemesis motion has got here radius round 5 milliards km (from comparison of distance between two Nibiru's arrivals after half precession cycle times with Sun's motion opposite Nibiru, what is 1 milliard km). Nemesis according previous calculations has got radius of orbit equal approximately 150 milliards km and so when opposite motion of Sun to Nemesis has radius 5 milliards km so mass of Nemesis is 5/150 of Sun according Kepler and Newton Laws.




Flowers, vertebrates, insect began their evolution circa 400 millions years ago, when life got of oceans on Earth's surface, or better after when Earth (Tiamat)  following big catastrophe tied with bump with satellite probably of Nibiru got rid of most water masses and Earth changed orbit. Suddenly there was land and convenient climate. Creators had written shapes of what exists Up in heavenly spheres to things, flowers, creatures what are Down on Earth.

Consequences of putting together (folding) more forces of interacting bodies are curved orbits of these bodies. Doesn't depend how big are involved bodies. Important is, if acting forces works according similar laws, formulas. If yes so after it paths of these bodies are curved to analogous shapes. Enough is to compare structures of atoms (their electron orbital shapes) with motions of particles in various fields, shapes of living organisma (flowers, shells..) with orbits of planets and stars.







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